Money Management

One of the best service provided by Magnum Forex company. Our trading team is Managing over 15M$ from 341 customers 100% satisfied customers. You don’t want to trade yourself? Y ou want keep yourself out of trading stress? Magnum Money Management service is the right option for you to generate passive incomes. From 1000$to 100K$, We are insuring 75% of Return of investment in 16 weeks. Totally insured by our financial department , your money can never be safe and useful somewhere else, even with the most popular broker company or bank.

All our transaction are secured by Paypal security system, Payoneer security system and Community Federal Savings Bank. This is why MMS (Magnum Money Management Service) is the most simple, secured and fast way to make passive incomes. All what you have to do, after signing MMS agreement, you transfer your fund (1000$-100K$) by one of our secured money transfer system, and then receive 175% of your funds in 16 weeks.

Simple, fast and secured, this why MMS solution the best way to make passive account or private business.


Magnum Expert advisor is a trading Robot developed by Magnum Forex Company for traders whom want to make a lot of trades during long session 1to 4 weeks. Based on multiple moving average indicators and high secured money management system, its accuracy level is 83% and its one of the best Expert advisor for MT4 and MT5.

Magnum s

It is the best option of traders preferring scalping? It’s operating following market tends, and make short trades whatever is market’s direction. Its accuracy level is 91% and it Is the best Trading Robot for scalpers to see an exceptional account growth (33%- 75 % monthly)

Magnum xl

One of the most powerful trading Robots according to its 95% accuracy level. Is only for long trades (day to monthly trades) is based on making perfect trades only while a markets is on a solid level of support or resistance. Magnum XL is developed only for traders whom want trade important capital. Its accuracy allow fund growth up to 100% monthly.

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