Magnum Forex

Magnum Forex, launched in 2014, was created to insure best trading solution. Forex signal, Expert advisor, Secured Money Management system, Account manager…..

Based in 3 main cities of financial world: New York, Paris and London, Magnum Forex company is Managing funds over 15M$. With its highly skilled Team, Composed of highly skilled and experienced traders and analysts from different countries: Japan, Usa, Morocco, Egypt…,, Magnum Forex is specialized in fast growth of capital and Risk Management.

In order make forex trading simple and profitable, Magnum Forex has developed a new generation of Expert Advisor and trading Signal based on extraordinary technical analysis. Magnum Forex Solution is able to make profitable whatever are markets trends. They are detecting all trends variation and adopt new strategies to take profits in all markets moves.

Whatever is your need in trading, Magnum Forex has the right solution that meets your specifics requirements

Trading signal

Expert Advisor

Trading Indicator

Account Manager

Money Management

24h/5d Expert Support And more …


Magnum Forex Signal is one of the best Forex Trading option for traders with a minimum of experience. Our signal system is providing you certainly best forex signal to make important profits, but you will absolutely need experience for risk management to set the best take profit and stop loss according to your account size and trading plan.


A lot of traders around the world are opting for automated trading and prefer to use Expert advisors (trading robot). An Expert advisor is not made to make you earn money like we can see in lot of ads, its role, is to turn your strategy to a code and execute it and take traders our of stress and keep trades out of emotion influence. The automated trading has more advantages..


One of the best service provided by Magnum Forex company. Our trading team is Managing over 15M$ from 341 customers 100% satisfied customers. You don’t want to trade yourself? Y ou want keep yourself out of trading stress? Magnum Money Management service is the right option for you to generate passive incomes. 

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